Oppi is a global learning festival- a fusion of quirky, fun and geeky- but at its heart it has world-class, cutting edge content, meaningful themes and the best minds from across the globe sharing their ideas.

Oppi 2014 had a genuine festival spirit. There were meaningful conversations, people made stuff, magic happened, friendships and new business partnerships were formed. Had people come expecting beer, astronauts teaching physics from outer space or an acrobat swinging a 20kg Kettle Bell with his teeth? Probably not… but that’s what they got.
Only at Oppi would there be anecdotes of global thought leaders packed into a smoke sauna together. Only at Oppi would the Minister of State for Education take her speech out of her handbag and rip it up before taking the stage. At Oppi you don’t need to wonder what young people think – you can simply turn to them and ask.
That’s why you need to be a part of Oppi 2015.

Who is Oppi for?

Oppi is for everyone interested in education; Teachers, Young People, Parents, Educators, System Leaders, Ministers, Policy Makers, Education Businesses, Journalists, Change Makers… you get the idea.
Oppi is truly international, with participants coming from all over the world.
Oppi is accessible for all. That’s why it moves each year. That’s why the tickets are super affordable.
Oppi is for you.

Who is Behind Oppi?

We hope everyone is behind Oppi, but Suklaa, a UK based creative education business takes the lead. We have a relaxed working style, a terrific track record and an impressive address book.

Suklaa are education consultants who get things done. Project managers, event planners, producers, change-makers, designers and creative thinkers. Known for putting those in education at the forefront of building the future of education. The Suklaa team were designers and organisers for the sold out events: Tedx London Education Revolution 2011 and London Festival of Education 2012. We’ve run large scale projects for organisations such as the National Theatre, NESTA, Arts Council + more.

Darina Garland

Darina Garland takes a lead on Oppi content and curation, working to ensure a meaningful narrative for all participants. She works closely with all contributors to shape the festival. She’s Scottish, with a good grasp of English.


Cathy Rubin is Oppi’s Global Partnerships Advisor. A leading voice in global education Cathy is our resident New Yorker.


Claudia Barwell takes care of partnerships and all operational logistics for Oppi. A creative visionary with a flair for event management, problem solving and keeping to time. Some might say bossy – she’d say, organised.

Jay Tyson, Director of Event Cement is the Boss of Oppi-Rations. He’s most likely to be seen holding a walkie-talkie, asking Claud for a “quiet word”.

Kate Robinson

Kate Robinson works with arts and education organisations in the UK and the US. With a background in early years teaching (including a year of work experience at Blue School, NY), her primary focus now is the role of cultural organisations in society and access to the arts for all.

Oppi has a fantastic Steering Group, who care enough about Oppi to lend us their brilliant minds and be our critical friends:


Simon Breakspear Learning Strategist, Researcher + Innovator.


Amy Solder NESTA

Kristian Tapaninaho

Kristian Tapaninaho Suklaa and Uuni.


Gavin Dykes Education World Forum.


Pasi Sahlberg Harvard University Graduate School of Education.


Louise Thomas The Innovation Unit.


Suzanne Jemsby The Galloway School.

Michael Saw

Michael Shaw Times Educational Supplement.

naomi williams

Naomi Williams Global Partnerships and Advocacy Manager – Adolescent Girls.

Cathy Rubin is also a member of the Oppi Steering Group.

The Oppi Team work collaboratively with a range of advisors across the education world.


  1. Natalie Thomas

    One of the outstanding items i’ve seen this week.

  2. Peter Suchmann

    Your organization is new to me. Please tell me more about your conferences. Pete

    • Darina Garland

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your interest. You can find more out about Suklaa on Suklaa.org 🙂 do get in touch if you have specific questions. Best, Darina


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