Oppi Festival is a unique learning event which allows all education key stakeholder groups from around the world to come together, share ideas and experiences, tackle challenges and form new partnerships. By working together we can build the future of learning! We’re delighted to have a stellar lineup full of global change-making superstars! 

OPPI FESTIVAL NYC PROGRAMME: Key: Gen (Gender: It Matters) Art (Living: The Arts) Global (Global Collaboration)


‘Pre-Oppi’ Event! 11.30- 1.15pm (RVSP Only)

The Gallery: Education Technology: The Nordic Way, Lunch and Startup Pitching Event*

Join Tekes and the Finnish and Swedish Consulates of New York City, plus 7 innovative Nordic Ed Tech Startups for a networking lunch and fast-paced pitching event. *This event is just before the main Oppi Festival. RSVP to get your free ticket and lunch:) here– places are limited:)

Main Oppi Festival Doors Open!

BROAD STREET BALLROOM- whole festival audience.

1.30: Take Seats in Ballroom

1.45-3.15 pm Welcome session:

Whole Audience together-Welcome session lead by Oppi host and acclaimed global learning strategist- Simon Breakspear and Suklaa’s Claudia Barwell. Raising Global Kids Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers in conversation with Cathy Rubin. Artist Jon Burgerman shows us how to Encourage the Ferret– Allowing for mistakes and inspiration to happen. Expect Special guests and a bit of magic in this opening session!

After the Welcome session the whole audience will move over to Léman’s Upper School for the afternoon sessions and the networking party. You’ll have time to chat with your fellow-festival goers, grab a drink or snack and interact with the pop-ups in Oppi’s Cafe prior to the first Open session.

4.00-4.55pm – Open sessions- you choose:

  • Theater: 1) Strive For College’s Michael J Carter Disrupting schools from the outside in: how other industries and tech are challenging and transforming the status quo of traditional learning systems. 2) Micha Nelson– Do Something : Engaging young people in social change. Facilitator Simon Breakspear (Global)
  • Gallery: Win/Win. Giving back to move learning opportunities forward. An all-star conversation featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Mesler, Meghan Groome and Jake Hayman. Chaired by Gavin Dykes (Global)
  • Classroom 1:  America Achieves Three Legs of a Stool:  Teachers, Parents, and Leaders working together to achieve a higher bar for all kids. (Global)
  • Classroom 2: Boundless ClassroomJari Multisilta – Global sharing with video stories (Global)
  • Classroom 3: Everyone has genius potential: how the lean startup method and collaboration between teachers, students and employees from 5 countries lead to new learning solutions Agata Czopek, Young Digital Planet (Global)
  • Classroom 4: What does a global education actually mean? Suzanna Jemsby, Siva Kumari, Myles Lock Charles Gleek ,Neil Goodman and Stender Von Oehsen, Devika Manish Kumar, Yvette Rose+ discuss. (Global)
  • Oppi Cafe Nordic Innovators: Admin V Teaching: how educators can save time and focus on what’s important- students and quality teaching, by DigiExam (Global, Arts)
  • Oppi Cafe: Story Telling Booth Gates Foundation (runs all festival) (Arts/ Global)

5.05- 6.00pm Open sessions- you choose:

  • Theater: 1) Wendy Kopp- A Global Approach: Sharing Solutions for Educational Opportunity for All  2)  Jon Schnur- Getting Better Faster: Steps we can take to ensure America AchievesQuestions led by Louise Thomas  (Gen/ Global) 
  • Gallery: The ABC of Gender Equality, OECD Marilyn Achiron followed by Myles Lock, UN WOMEN  The UNiTE and #HeforShe Campaigns  (Gen/ Global)
  • Classroom 1: Considering the Evidence: The Impact of Technology in Education, Oliver Quinlan, Kristen Keating-Weeks, Kevyn Klein. (Global)
  • Classroom 2: Contagious Leadership through Collaboration:  This session will focus on two emerging teacher movements: EdCamp and Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers (ECET2); exploring how they have organically grown and their impact on participants and the teaching profession. Nate Brown, GATES Foundation + 4 Educators (Global)
  • Classroom 3: Innovating Education. Students and Teachers who are doing things differently. City As School, Big Picture Learning. Alan Cheng, Chris Jackson, Amelia Peterson, Facilitator Simon Breakspear.  (Global/ Gen/ Arts)
  • Classroom 4: Student Led Session-The Story of You: How to Powerfully Communicate the Challenge, Choice and Outcome Related to a Moment of Personal Pride. The Lab School (Global/Arts)
  • Commodores Room  All Stakeholders– young people, policy makers, educators, business and cultural leaders roundtable. Eric Goldstein, Suzanne Jemsby, Myles-Amir Harlan, 3D Classrooms, Plotagon, SkillPixels, SongHi, Paths to Math, DigiExam, Dreamdo Schools, Bill Gladstone.
  • Oppi Cafe: The Future of STE(A)M Meghan Groome, 3D Classrooms, Paths to Maths
  • Oppi Cafe: Story Telling Booth Gates Foundation (runs all festival) (Arts/ Global)

6.15-7.10pm Open sessions- you choose:

  • Theater: 1) Pasi Sahlberg- Gender Does Matter for Education and Here’s Why. (Gen) .2) Marcel Fukayama- B Corporations: How a global movement of people that use business as a force for good is redefining success and reinventing Capitalism. Questions led by Louise Thomas  (Global) 
  • Gallery: Disrupting the Status of Gender in Education, Cathy Rubin, Marilyn Achiron, Michael Levine, Craig Hatkoff (Gen/Global)
  • Classroom 1:  Connected Educators: What We’re Learning From the World: Center for Teaching Quality/ Sutton Foundation/ GATES Foundation Sandra Licon, Julie Hiltz, Rachel Evans, Barnett Berry (Global)
  • Classroom 2: Science is Creativity Jane Evans, Westminster School (Global/Gen/Arts)
  • Classroom 3: Making Teacher Development That Works (and Isn’t Boring): Michael Shaw/ Lord Jim Knight –Facilitator Simon Breakspear (Global)
  • Classroom 4: I Want, I Can, I Will. Workshop by Future Project, Eleanor Klufio (Arts/Global)
  • Commodores Room: Film Screening: School Sleuth + Q+ A with John Merrow (Arts/Global)*this session will run over by 15 mins due to the film being 55 mins. 
  • Oppi Cafe: Let’s Play, Songhi bringing a bit of awesome into your day! Songhi (Arts/Global)
  • Oppi Cafe: Story Telling Booth Gates Foundation (runs all festival) (Arts/ Global)

7.15- 10.00pm Whole Festival 

PARTY! Join the contributors and speakers for a whole festival party. A great chance to talk and network with global education change-makers:)


BROADSTREET BALLROOM:-Whole Festival audience


After a day 2 welcome by Simon Breakspear and the Oppi team we’ll be joined by Boston College‘s Andy Hargreaves and Harvard‘s Pasi Sahlberg who will discuss ‘Elevating the Status of the Teacher’. These talks will be followed by slam poetry performer Taylor Mali- Fill Your Buckets with Fire: Remembering Why We Do This. 

11.30am-12.25pm Open sessions- you choose:

  • Theatre: 1) Jude Kelly, Woman of the World, Culture and Collaboration, 2) Sandra Jackson Dumont: Say It Loud! Art and Society Facilitator Simon Breakspear (Gender/ Global/ Arts)
  • Gallery Creativity and Making around the Kitchen Table and in the Classroom, Bethany Koby- Technology Will Save Us, Karen Kaun- Makeosity (Global)
  • Classroom 1: Animate a Music Video:  Museum of Moving Images, Christopher Wisniewski, Claire Buckley and Haley Shibble (Arts)
  • Classroom 2:Performative Enquiry: Erick Gordon, Noah Gordon & Nathan Blom (Arts)
  • Classroom 3: Learning With The World, The Global Cities Education Network Jessica Kehayes– Asia Society
  • Classroom 4: Classroom Champions, The Power of Relationships Established Through Technology, Julieann Cappuccino + Students (Global)
  • Making Space: Come and create with NYC’s famed Materials for the Arts (Arts)
  • Oppi Cafe : Digital Storytelling, Plotagon joined by Michael Shaw (Arts/ Global)
  • Oppi Cafe: Story Telling Booth Gates Foundation (runs all festival) (Arts/ Global)

12.50-1.45pm Open sessions- you choose:

  • Theater: Global Educational Change- Where Next? Andy Hargreaves & Frances Strickland, Gavin Dykes, Lord Jim Knight (Global)
  • Gallery:  Elli Suzuki, Re-Thinking International Development: The Next Generation of Young Innovators +  Chernor Bah- Ebola and Education, Girls Learning in Times of Crisis. Questions led by Naomi Williams  (Global/ Gen)
  • Classroom 1: Hack a Video Game. Museum of Moving Images, Christopher Wisniewski, Claire Buckley and Haley Shibble (Arts)
  • Classroom 2: International Baccalaurate + Léman Manhattan: Theory of Knowledge. Dalit Halevi, Luca Bhalla, Lyon (Hua) Li, Crystal (TianYu) Zheng(Global)
  • Classroom 3: Making Living Sculpture, Forming Relational Identities– Blue School: Clare Hamoor, Maureen Reilly, Caroline McAuliffe (Arts)
  • Classroom 4: Global Competence Certificate, Neelam Chowdhary- Asia Society, World Savvy, Teachers College. (Global)
  • Commodores Room: Teacher Quality Roundtable Barnett Berry, Julie Hiltz, Rachel Evans, Alan Cheng, Bill Gladstone.
  • Oppi Cafe: Story Telling Booth Gates Foundation (runs all festival) (Arts/ Global)

2.10-3.05pm Open sessions- you choose:

  • Theater 1) Erick Gordon- Arts is No Add On. Exploding Learning Potenital with Creativity (Arts) 2) Saku Tuominen Going Global – How to develop education concepts that work all over the world.  Facilitator Simon Breakspear (Global)
  • Gallery: Why Should We Worry About The Teaching Profession – Pasi Sahlberg & Daniel Marion, Melissa Halpern, Bryan Mascio, Harvard Graduate School for Education Students. (Global)
  • Classroom 1: Quality of Learning Panel- THE Youth Advocacy Group, Chernor Bah, Cheryl Perera, Jamira Burley , Vivian Adhiambo Onano+ Suzanna Jemsby,  (Global/ Gen)
  • Classroom 2: Digital Making: The Story of Digital Creativity in the UK  Sylvia LoweOliver Quinlan, NESTA.  (Global)
  • Classroom 3: Hive Learning Network– A creative and innovative model for educators Mozilla- Julia Vallera, Armando B. Somoza (Global/ Arts)
  • Classroom 4: Re-imagining outreach: how to build school partnerships for a new era Steve Moffitt + Holly Donagh- A New Direction and Cathy Rubin, CMRubin World (Global)
  • Commodores Room: Rise Above the Mark, Film Screening and Q+A with Rocky Killion, Superintendent of Schools, The West Lafayette Community School Corporation + Pasi Sahlberg. (This session lasts 90 Mins (Arts/ Global)
  • Oppi Cafe: Bringing together the science of learning and games, Skillpixels  (Arts/ Global)
  • Oppi Cafe: Story Telling Booth Gates Foundation (runs all festival) (Arts/ Global)

3.15-4.10pm Open sessions- you choose:

  • Theater 1) Siva Kumari: A Global View. Collaboration or Interdependence? 2) James Harris, Usher’s New Look Foundation S.W.A.G: Strong, Willing and Gifted– Facilitator Suzanna Jemsby (Global/ Gen/ Arts)
  • Gallery: Arts are Education- Vital Lessons That We Can Learn from Creative Practice– Kati Koerner, Harriet Taub and Sandra Jackson-Dumont, Chaired by Jude Kelly. (Arts/Global)
  • Classroom 1: Youth Advocacy Toolkit Training, Chernor Bah, Cheryl Perera, Jamira Burley (Global)
  • Classroom 2: Remake Learning PlaybookCathy Lewis Long- Sprout Fund (Global/Arts)
  • Classroom 3: Rethinking Music Education In The Cloud Craig Swann, Braulio Flores, from Looplabs (Global/Arts/)
  • Oppi Cafe: Project based learning and real world relevance with Dreamdo Schools (Arts/ Global)
  • Oppi Cafe: Story Telling Booth Gates Foundation (runs all festival) (Arts/ Global)


OPPI FINALE in the Oppi Cafe: The World’s Largest Lesson: Lego, Jam and Interdependence. (Global/ Gen/ Arts)

  • Oppi Cafe: This finale session explores ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’ a global initiative which is part of Project Everyone. In September 2015, the United Nations are launching global goals, a series of ambitious targets to end extreme poverty and tackle climate change for everyone by 2030. If the goals are met, they ensure the health, safety and future of the planet for everyone on it. And their best chance of being met is if everyone on the planet is aware of them.So the simple but mighty ambition of Project Everyone – is to share the global goals with 7 billion people in 7 days.

*this programme is subject to tweaks and edits- but should give a good illustration of the brilliant 2 days that will take place at Oppi NYC!





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